TrafFix Devices Inc. is an American company that has been providing the world with highway safety products since 1987.  Committed to providing high-quality, durable traffic control and crash actuation products, TrafFix plays a vital role in the industry in promoting safety and protection of highway workers, motorists and pedestrians. 

TrafFix Devices product lineup includes:

  • Attenuators
  • Channelizer Drums
  • Traffic Cones
  • Barricades
  • Safety apparel 
  • Portable sign stands and roll-up signs  
  • Cones and tubular delineators, 
  • Water filled barriers 


Common purchasers of  TrafFix includes highway contracting companies, state departments of transportation, military and utility companies, rental yards, traffic control companies, cities and counties all over the world.  Products are designed and streamlined to meet highway safety regulations all over the world.  

All TrafFix products meet the Federal Highway National Cooperative Highway Research Project standard, NCHRP 350.  Products are made of the highest grade plastic resin and utilize high performance reflective stripes, assuring a safe and durable product line.  Many items are indestructible and have the ability to be reshaped and reused if flattened in a collision. 

TrafFix offers affordable solutions for all of your highway safety needs.


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