Traffic Safety


When it comes to highway construction and roadwork, keeping motorists and workers safe is the primary objective. The key to keeping a controlled environment and alerting the public of any irregularities in the normal traffic pattern is the usage of proper signage and equipment. OnTarget partners with several extraordinary manufacturers that offer a wide selection of reliable products designed for just that. TrafFix Devices designs and manufactures road signs, barriers, attenuators, safety equipment and apparel.

TrafFix products are streamlined to meet highway safety requirements around the world. All equipment is constructed of high-quality, durable materials that are intended to sustain rain or shine. TrafFix safety cones are virtually indestructible and can be refigured and reshaped if hit in a collision giving you a dependable product. With TrafFix Devices you are investing in products that are built to last. Stop Rubbernecking (SRN), manufacturers SRN1000 safety barricades and banners that offer privacy and security during traffic accidents or crime scenes.

Safety barricades are necessary to protect the public from harm while simultaneously giving victims the most discretion possible. Due to their emergency nature, ease of use and quick setup are important factors when it comes to safety banners as there’s not a moment to lose. SRN allows safety official to get back to the task at hand. Whatever your need, roadwork signs to barricades, OnTarget can set you up robust products that are designed to withstand the weather and can provide the necessary safety solution you are looking for.

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