The retail world is all about creating and building the brand you want your customers to know, remember and return to. Give them a positive experience by keeping things friendly and focused by ensuring fast and efficient service. OTI is the liaison you need to obtain the crowd management and loss preventions tools that are essential to your business. OnTarget specializes in setting customers up with appropriate crowd control management systems. Whether you need a traditional post and rope stanchion or a retractable belt system, OTI can match your needs with the appropriate manufacturer to create a look and feel that syncs with your brand.

Visiontron, Tensator and Lavi are experts when it comes to public guidance. Offering high-quality, durable post and rope stanchions, retractable belt systems, queue management systems and signage and display holders your needs will not go overlooked. Retractable banners are another great way to communicate promotions and events with your in-store customers. In the retail sector, OTI recognizes the need to use finishes and colors that connect with your brand and logos and will strive to mesh your crowd control system and signage with your décor as closely as possible. Loss prevention is a serious threat for retailers. There’s nothing more important than keeping shoplifting to a minimum. After hours, nothing safeguards your store like an Illinois Engineered Products heavy duty galvanized steel folding gates.

Heavy duty gates are proven to be a success in loss prevention efforts. Making the initial investment now puts money in your pocket in the future. Loss prevention is easy with OTI and the ROI is indisputable. Whatever your need, retractable belts, banners or gates, OnTarget can make it happen. We help you create a memorable experience for your customers that will keep them coming back. 


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