Public Guidance


Keeping foot traffic flowing as quickly and efficiently as possible is a highly important, and often overlooked, element of any business. OnTarget Industries recognizes the necessity of public guidance products, but more importantly, recognizes that a successful crowd management solution has to be customized to fit the individual needs of the application. OTI offers a great lineup of products that can suit any project and any budget. For an inexpensive, quick fix to taming a line of people, Mr. Chain plastic rope barriers are a suitable solution.

With a variety of colors, styles, sizes and stanchion kits to choose from, this a highly economic approach to crowd control. When your public guidance needs are a little more advanced, Lavi and Visiontron all present substantial offerings for the public guidance industry. Specializing in post and rope stanchions, retractable belt systems, queue management systems and signage and display holders, each offers high-quality, durable products that are unique designed with the end user in mind.

With public guidance, it is important to keep business running smoothly and efficiently (which saves you time and money), protect the safety of your patrons and create a positive brand experience that they will remember. Whatever the need, OnTarget’s diverse offering of crowd control equipment - retractable belt systems to plastic chain stanchions and everything in between, OnTarget will help you create a positive and productive customer service experience.

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