51y9gy9lyjl.-sx342-.jpgMr. Chain is an American manufacturer of plastic rope stanchion. Known in the industry as “The Original Plastic Chain,” Mr. Chain has been a leader in the business since 1960.  If a budget is a primary concern with your line management system, Mr. Chain offers an economical approach to crowd control solutions.  

Mr. Chain makes all plastic products in their Michigan-based factory and performs both injection molding and extrusion of plastic products. Though typically used as a temporary or quick fix solution, plastic chains prove to be a reliable method of managing crowds.

Mr. Chain stanchions are designed for a variety of locations and applications including:



Mr. Chain offers 9 sizes, 3 styles and 13 colors of plastic chain rope – giving more options than any other competitor.  In addition, there are four sizes of plastic stanchions available in six colors, and a wide range of accessories to fit all crowd control and school safety needs. Even glow in the dark, “glo chains” are available- ideal for that late night concert or show!

If your budget is an ultimate concern and you don’t want to sacrifice the safety of your visitors or audience, Mr. Chain is your go-to. 

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