Loss Prevention


In any business loss prevention is a number one objective and a major frustration. There’s nothing more important than keeping your business and assets protected. OnTarget understands this and helps customers implement solutions that create extra safeguards. What better way to fix a problem than to stop it before it starts? The answer is simple. Heavy duty galvanized steel folding gates manufactured by Controlled Access are a proven success in loss prevention efforts.

Durable, high quality construction ensures not only restricted access of a barricaded area, but a long lasting, reliable product. With a steel gate in place, customers have a tangible device in place to reduce theft. Loss prevention tactics don’t have to be complicated and cumbersome. OTI helps customers implement solutions that are proactive instead of reactive. By adding a steel gate as part of an operational business plan, customers can save time and money by having a system in place that is functional and easy to use. The ROI is undeniable with a partnership with Controlled Access. 

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