Illinois Engineered Products has been providing customers with durable, heavy-duty galvanized steel folding gates since 1962.  The only American made, steel gate manufacturer in the business, they provide exemplary products that protect your assets and further your loss prevention efforts.  IEP sets the precedent as the market’s most durable gate manufacturer and is the company to use galvanized steel. 

Gates are proven to be the number one loss prevention solution. So, why take any chances?  With Illinois Engineer Products, you don’t have to.  For over 50 years, they have provided customers with safe, well-ventilated folding gates that secure what matters most.  When you choose IEP, an array of options are available for different applications and can be customized as needed. There is certainly a gate solution that will meet and exceed your expectations.  Typical applications and models available include:

Store Front Security Gates 

Top Track Store Security Gates
Built to allow the gate to be hung much like a curtain, Top Track Gates always remain within the track. These are recommended for store fronts with openings over 20 feet wide these gates can secure several hundred feet.

Bottom Track Store Security Gates

A more stable and secure gate installation, these are installed inside store windows and utilize a continuous frame for structural strength and stability. With a bottom track design can be made to pivot out of the opening and to swing flat remaining virtually invisible while not in use. 

Pair Store Security Gates

Both Top Track and Bottom Track Security Gates can be locked together as a pair in multiple areas.

Hybrid Storefront Gates

Designed utilizing vertical bars and scissor style webbing, these gates provide total coverage and are custom built to fit each customer's application. 

Dock Door Security Gates  

Pair Dock Door Security Gates
Secure dock and receiving doors, doorways, garage and service doors, hallways and entranceways that have larger openings. 

Single Dock Door Security Gates
Secures all of the same points of entry as the pair dock door, but is more suitable for narrow   spaces up to 12 feet wide.

Door Security Gates
These security gates are deal for security and access control and security for entryways up to 4 feet wide. 

Access Control Gates 

Steel Aisle Gate

Steel Aisle Gates are lightweight, easy to move and are ideal for inventory operations, maintenance procedures, or temporary crowd control.

Portable Scissor Gate

Portable Scissor Gates extend up to 12 feet and are ideal for temporary crowd control.  They can be used anywhere work well for secluding areas such as school hallways and restricted access areas.

Xtra-duty Portable Bostwick Gate
This gate is designed for portable security needs in schools, park district facilities, churches and community centers and is available in wall mount, floor mount and pressure fit designs.

Barrier Gate
Barrier Gates from IEP allow quick and easy portable access control. Constructed of galvanized steel and powder coated in yellow and black safety colors for high visibility, barrier gates are ideal for providing temporary access control in any location.

Illinois Engineered Products gate solutions are built to last with a rust resistant galvanized coating that bonds to steel and is 10 times stronger than paint – also creating a maintenance free product.  IEP is the obvious choice for industrial heavy-duty gates.129073659815691799.jpg

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